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Triple Threat Inc.

The LOCO Power Bar

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The LOCO Power Bar is designed for those who need a little extra stability to handle those big lifts. Featuring a center knurling to help grip your back on the squat and single knurling marks to get the perfect hand placement for your bench and deadlift. The 1.5mm deep knurling will give you maximal grip to keep the bar in your hands at all times. Lets go LOCO and move some weight!


STRENGTH - 2000 Lb Max Capacity. 205,000 psi

FINISHING - Shaft: Chrome Alloy Steel with black zinc coating; Sleeves: Hard Chrome.

SPIN - Constructed with Bushings to provide a Reliable Spin for better weight control on power movements.

KNURL - Diamond knurling with medium depth. Perfect for performing reps without tearing up your hands.


  • 29mm/ 45LB Power Barbell
  • 2000 LB static max capacity
  • 1.5mm knurling depth
  • Center knurling with single knurling markings.
  • Diamond knurl pattern.
  • 1 year warranty*

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